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Welcome to Cymak LED, your trusted choice for perfect lighting options. We specialize in bringing innovation and elegance to your spaces. Our bulbs offer exceptional brightness and a high CRI for vivid colors. They can dim up to 100%, and we recommend using our compatible dimmer available on our site. These bulbs are also rated for use in damp locations.

Explore our latest collection of candle bulbs. With their traditional and nostalgic shape, they combine the inviting glow with the energy efficiency of LED technology. So, if you are looking for the perfect ambiance for a cozy atmosphere in your rooms, our candle effect light bulbs are the best option for you. All these bulbs are CUL/UL rated, ensuring they have top certifications and the best warranty - 3 years and 30,000 hours in the market.

Why Choose Cymak LED Candle Base LED Bulbs?

You must also be worried about why you should purchase the candle light bulbs from Cymak LED. What makes us so unique from others? To answer your queries, we have shortlisted points proving our lighting industry experience. 

Candle Effect Light Bulbs

This category of our bulbs provides a charming candle effect light bulb experience. These offer a warm and flickering glow that enhances the aesthetics of any space. So, whenever you want to add a touch of elegance to your area, our lighting options with candle effect light bulbs are perfect for 2023. 

Candle Flame Light Bulb

Cymak LED candle flame light bulb captures the essence of a flickering flame. With their elegant glow, they can add a touch of romance and nostalgia to any setting. Do you need help determining where to use their candle flame light bulb? Well. You can use them in chandeliers and wall sconces that can help you create a captivating atmosphere. 

Dimmable Candle Light Bulbs

Most people like dimmable candle light bulbs as it gives them a customization option. At Cymak LED, customer requirements are our priority. With top-quality dimmable candle light bulbs, you can achieve the perfect illumination level. Further, if you want soft, subtle lighting for a relaxed evening or brighter lighting for tasks, our dimmable LED candle bulbs can provide that facility. So, our bulbs are fully adjustable to suit your needs. 

60W LED candle Bulb

For those seeking a balance between brightness and energy efficiency, our 60W LED candle bulbs are an excellent choice. They provide ample illumination while significantly reducing energy consumption and operating costs. 60W candle bulb's cost-effectiveness is what makes them so popular. 

Want some more clarification? So, LED candle bulbs 60W equivalent are designed to mimic the warm and cozy glow of traditional incandescent candles. These 60 watt candle bulbs perfectly combine energy efficiency and aesthetic lighting. Are you worried about the long-lasting of the 60 watt candle light bulbs? We can guarantee that our 60 watt equivalent LED candle bulb can last up to 25,000 hours and more. Purchase our LED candle bulbs 60W to enjoy the perfect brightness for a significant period. 

E12 Flickering Candle bulb

The E12 flickering candle bulbs fit smoothly into various fixtures. Their flickering effect adds a touch of enhancement to your space. These candle light bulbs are commonly used in candelabras and decorative sconces. As our 60 watt candle light bulbs, these E12 candle bulbs also consume less electricity. Another important aspect is that these E12 candle bulbs can last up to 50,000 hours or more. 

Why should you purchase a Candle light LED bulbs?

Numerous lighting fixtures are available in the market, but why should you purchase candlelight bulbs? Here is why: 

  • These bulbs are long-lasting

These candlelight bulbs incorporate LED technology that offers a long-lasting performance. It reduces your need for frequent bulb replacements. 

  • They are Energy Efficient

The fundamental reason why these bulbs are so much prominent in the lighting industry is their energy efficiency. They save on energy bills while offering to enjoy beautiful lighting. 

  • They provide a cozy ambiance

Candle light LED bulbs emit a warm, inviting glow. They create a cozy atmosphere in your home or business, making it ideal for bedrooms, dining areas, and relaxation spaces. Look out for the variety of candlelight LED bulbs from Strak LED. They provide reliable and durable lighting options that are long-lasting. 


With this, it is evident that candle lights bulbs can be a perfect option for your home, restaurant, or industry. Whether you're looking for the ideal candlelit effect, a calming ambiance, or energy-efficient lighting solutions, the diverse range of candlelight bulbs caters to all your needs.

Contact us to explore our full range of bulbs and find the perfect lighting solution for your home or business.