STRAK 4ft Vapor Tight Fixture Listed Vapor Proof Light 3way Cct 4000k/5000k/6500k Changeable

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Vapor-tight light is listed as vapor-proof light in comparison to a lamp of 3way cct4000k/5000k/6500k changeable fluorescent light, the vapor-tight light fixture provides 7800lm of daylight. Vapor-tight lighting is a long-lasting, exceptionally bright alternative to conventional light fixtures. These 4200lm high-quality led lighting chips are used to provide up to 4200lm of illumination throughout your home. True colors are efficiently displayed by high color rendering. Replace fluorescent tube fixtures with an led shop light fixture, which consumes only 45w, to reduce your electricity usage by up to 62%.

The 4ft led vapor-tight lighting fixture is water and weather-resistant lighting and is appropriate for various settings, including the dining room, kitchen island, living room, bedroom, stairs, entryways, foyer, island bar, corridor, office, workshop, restaurant, and so on. Perfect for locations where moisture or dustproof light is a concern, such as barns, car washes, or walk-in freezers. Warehouse, gas station, parking garage, industrial kitchen, stairwells, tunnel, patio outdoor venues, etc.

The waterproof lights' flexible brightness control ranges from 5% to 62% and is appropriate for a number of activities, including reading, playing video games, bedroom ceiling lights, and other activities. It also protects your eyes from irritation brought on by high-output lights. Even in a variety of long-used settings, the high-quality requirements and secure operation of this vapor-tight fixture lighting are guaranteed.

You may easily replace any existing fixture with 45w of 4200lm illumination, which is brighter and healthier than traditional fluorescent light. This vapor-proof lamp is ideal for placement on a roof or any ceiling with sagging insulation. Installation in tight spaces is possible.

Power Factor: 0.9
Beam Angle: >110°
Brightness: 5850LM
Input Voltage: 120-347V
Finish: Frosted / SS Clips.
Dimension: Length 47.2″ x 4.9″ x 3.6″
CCT: 4000K/5000K/6500K Changeable