STRAK Edge-Lit Panel Light 2x2ft, 40W, 4400LM, 5000k, Dimmable, Cul, Dlc 5.0 (Pack - 2)

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2 Pcs 2x2 Ft Edge Lit  Panel Lights;
Our new 4 pcs 2x2 ft Edge Lit  panel lights are designed to replace 140 watts  fluorescent tubes, which may save you up to 80% on energy expenditures. For new construction or retrofit projects, this 2x2 ft led-backlit Edge panel is a great alternative for fluorescent drop ceiling troffers. It is designed to fit into typically suspended grid ceilings. To install this 2x2 ft led-backlit Edge panel, just connect it and raise it into place in the drop t-grid ceiling. The embedded LEDs eliminate the need to replace bulbs because they will last the life of the fixture.

Dimmable Panel Light:
These dimmable led panel light may be adjusted between 5000k. With so many distinct configurations accessible in one lamp, it is extremely versatile for many different applications or customer preferences. For ultimate eye comfort, this led ceiling panel delivers quick-on, strong light with no buzzing or flickering. The refracted light is brighter and less harmful to the eyes. The drop ceiling panel light is designed with mounting clips on the sides and a safety cable hole in each clip for easy and safe installation in standard grid ceilings. The surface-mounted led 2x2 ft-spot flush mount ceiling light distributes light evenly and without glare.

  • It Is Beneficial to Your Eyesight. We Checked the Spectrum of This Product, and Its Brightness Reaches 4400 lumens. Its Light Is Quite Soft Without Flickering, and the 5000k Changeable Color Temperature Is Ideal for Long Working Hours.
  • These are used for offices, schools, hotels, retail establishments, and other commercial applications that will benefit from our led panel light fixtures. 0% - 100% 0-10v dimmers may be used to dim smoothly. The 0-10v dimmer switch is the most compatible option.
  • These ultra-bright troffer lights are likely to boost visibility with a 5000k daylight color temperature, a high lumen output of 5000, and power usage of 40 watts ( wattage tunable 30-40-50 watts).
  • A low-voltage circuit between the load side of a class 2 power source and the attached equipment is known as a class 2 circuit. In this situation, the power supply would convert 110-347 volts too low voltage. Class 2 offers enough shock protection and is rated fire-safe.
  • Edge-Lit Panel Light 2x2FT, 40W, 4400LM, 5000K, dimmable, 5-year warranty, cUL, DLC 5.0
  • Input Voltage: AC100-277V
  • Power Factor: >0.9
  • Beam Angle: 140°
  • Power:40W
  • CCT: 5000K