STRAK Candelabra, E12 Base, 6w-60watt Equivalent Clear Filament 5000k, Cri90, ES Dimmable, Led Light Bulb (4-Pack)

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Vintage Style&E12 Size: A candelabra-base filament led light bulb is a fashionable substitute for classic incandescent bulbs that offers all of the advantages of led technology. The e12 base led candelabra bulb emits 600 lumens of light, creating a vivid and energizing ambiance that keeps you more attentive and alert. To create a dynamic atmosphere, emoting 4000k natural white light. This led candelabra bulb is dimmable. Our 60 watt e12 base candelabra led bulbs allow you to choose brightness levels ranging from 80-90% smooth and broad with no flickering, strobing, buzzing, or noise.

Application: This traditional e12 base bulb is widely appropriate for both ornamental and practical usage, with a conventional e12 candelabra base, making it great for chandeliers, ceiling fans, wall sconces, pendant lights, foyer lights, table lamps, and other enclosed lighting fixtures indoor and outdoor using.

Simple to Install: These bulbs have an elegant appearance, reintroducing the classic filament in a modern led form, making them appropriate for use in both traditional and modern installations. They have a long lifespan and use less than a fifth of the power of a standard filament bulb, which means cheaper maintenance and energy expenditures.

Candle E12 LED Bulbs, 4000K, 6W, 600lm, Dimmable, High CRI (90). Vintage , Instant On, Mercury and Rohs complaint Construction. Similar sizing as regular Candle Incandescent Bulbs. Exactly 1 to 1 ratio for replacement. 80-90% Consumption savings. 30,000 Hours and 3 years Warranty.
Model number : ST-FLB1036050KD-6W

Long life - 30,000 hours
Saves up to 80% in energy costs
LED Candle B10 6W = 60W, 600 Lumens
Direct Replacement of CANDLE 60W Incandescent.
4000 Natural White , Dimmable and CRI 83 ( High) , PF ( .90)