STRAK Gu10 Led Lamp 50w Equivalent, 3000k Warm White, Cri80, Dimmable, Led Light Bulb, Cetl (4-Pack)

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Super Bright:
GU10 dimmable light bulbs are prepared to use roughly 80% less energy than 50-watt incandescent bulbs while maintaining the look and feel of a classic light bulb. It provides 490 lumens of light immediately, with no time to warm up to full brightness. It saves you 90% on your electricity bill.

Dimmable Led Gu10 Bulbs:
GU10 LED light bulbs are a perfect replacement for 50W or equivalent halogen bulbs. The GU10 LED bulb is dimmable; dimmable LED GU10 bulbs allow you to create the ideal atmosphere in your room at any time. Flicker-free and with zero delay, a GU10 LED bulb that provides high-quality lighting The 3000K warm glow of the GU10 LED spotlights is ideal for track lights and spotlights.

Wide Application:
The exceptional Gu10 light fixture is appropriate for various settings, including the living room, bathroom, bedrooms, and hallways; it depends on your personal preference. These bulbs will protect your family's eyesight and cover your house with quality light that does no harm to your eyes. 83+ CRI (color rendering value) means colors remain true and natural, always creating a comfortable atmosphere for any room.

Easy to Install:
The GU10 LED light bulb can be easily screwed into all standard GU10 can fixtures without replacing the whole fixture. Just plug and play. compatible with all standard GU10 light holders. Enjoy a linear and broad dimming range and set your own mood for any room.

Gu10 led bulbs 7w 490lm dimmable, cul/ul listed high cri (83) warm white 3000k,, instant on, mercury and rohs complaint construction. 80-90% consumption savings. 50,000 hours and 5 years warranty. Gu10 led lamp, spotlight lamp dimmable, smart spotlight, led bulb, glass cover reflector

3000k Warm White, Dimmable and CRI 83 ( High), PF ( .90)
Direct Replacement of GU10 50W Halogen
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LED GU10 7W = 50W 490 Lumens
Saves up to 80% in energy costs
Model number : ST-GU10-30KD
Long life - 50,000 hours